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a close up of a blue table with chairs in the background and a gold bird on it's back end
a blue and gold tray with two metal bowls on it next to a pair of scissors
a black rug with red and yellow letters on it
a black rug with red and yellow letters that spell out the word hth
a yellow fan sitting on top of a white table next to a potted plant
three metal balls sitting on top of a wooden floor
two metal spoons hanging from hooks on a wall with wavy design painted on it
a person sitting in a chair reading a book
a black chair sitting in front of a window
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a floor lamp that is on top of a red carpet and next to a white ball
a chair made out of wicker sitting on top of a metal stand in a room
a blue chair sitting on top of a floor next to a white wall with gold legs
Arturo Pani; Brass-Legged Lounge Chair, 1950s.
a black and red desk with a cord attached to it's side, on a gray background
Milano - Lombardia - The Italian .city
Stilnovo – Bauletto rosso nero, design Ettore Sottsas, 1977