Utterly in love with these, in fact, I might not wait to win the lottery!

Unique Crochet Brass and Calcite Earrings, 'Flirty Wine'

Leave yourself enough time so you don't have to hot-foot it to the train

How to travel by train in Europe - with tips from Voyages-sncf

Travel by train in Europe is wonderful and easy, so we've joined with Voyages-sncf to reveal top tips that make travel about the journey once more.

I am totally in love with this.

Handmade Bridal Beaded Quartz and Pearl Necklace, 'Cascade'

Love trains, and this is almost at the top of my bucket list.

Inside the Blue Train, South Africa. Another famous Blue Train ran from Nice to Calais and was the setting for an Agatha Christie novel

A beach made for liming

Luxury liming in St Vincent & The Grenadines and competition

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22 Vacations that Will Change Your Life

Floating Luxury in Namibia – The Zambezi Queen

Floating Luxury in Namibia – The Zambezi Queen

i ZRhgJnq L Biking Through Tuscany: A Photo Journey

Biking Through Tuscany: A Photo Journey


Artisan Crafted Women's Batik Silk Shawl, 'Brave Java'

Silk batik shawl, 'Brave Java' from They help succeed worldwide.

White soapstone #jewelrybox from India

Jali Carving Soapstone Jewelry Box, 'Poppies'

Hand-carved natural soapstone jewelry box by Gulam Rasool

Used to have a house these colors :=(

Cotton Striped Rope Hammock (Double), 'Colors of Mexico'

Cotton hammock - Colors of Mexico (large deluxe) - NOVICA

Love, love, love these colors!

Blue Batik Silk Shawl, 'Sapphire Mums'

Silk batik shawl, 'Sapphire Mums' Colorful chrysanthemums cover a radiant shawl of cool blue silk. Working with traditional batik techniques, Yuni Kristina creates a wrap of graceful femininity. An artisan story card will be included with your purchase.

Jade Mountain hotel, St Lucia.......I can take or leave luxury - well, I think so, I've had some during my life, and I can't say any of it impressed me over much (exception is the Orient Express!)......however - this is one place I would LOVE to go!!

Five fabulous hotels in St Lucia