Abat-jour “Azul Line”. The Base of this Lamp is in light blue and blue decorated, with a floral Drawning and “ Peacock's tail”, on 'vietri' Varnish. The Lampshade and the electric-structure are included.

Candleholder “Synkeran Line”. Candleholder in majolica hand-painted. Decoration with bands on 'craquelè' Varnish.

Polana hanging lamp. Hanging lamp, handmade, with a cotton lampshade.

Lamp Bodies New. Lamp in Lecce's stone entirely handmade without the use of machineries but only with hammer and various types of chisels, rasps and sandpaper.

Polana table lamp. Table lamp Polana, with turned wood structure and cotton lampshade.

Lamp Manaar. Table lamp made with a mix of colors, which recalls the Apricena stone and the clear malachite.

Lamp “Azul Line”. Base for Lamp garnished in light blue and blue, with a floral Drawning and “Peacok tail”. The Lampshade and the electric-structure are included.

. Lamp “Synkeran Line”. Base for electric Lamp in majolica, hand-painted. Stripe Decoration on 'vietri' Varnish.

Oil Lamp “Azul Line”. Oil Lamp in majolica hand-painted. The Decoration is in floral Style, light Blue and Blue on 'craquelè' Varnish.

Lamp Launeddas. table lamp that reproduces launeddas, typical Sardinian traditional wind instrument, made of sheet metal and copper pipe.

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