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a greeting card with a pencil, tape and scissors on a table next to it
Una Tilda con un messaggio di speranza!
a card with the word peace written on it and a sunflower in front of it
Card for Ukraine
there is a pink and blue ribbon on top of a wooden tray with a bow
ATC n°63 Pink Moments con ATC Holder
a close up of a paper with a dog on it's back and some writing on the side
ATC n°62 serie Cosmos con porta atc
a handmade card with a dragon and star on the front, in green tones
Una card con il piccolo drago di Magnolia Stamp
a close up of a greeting card with a teddy bear on the front and pink polka dot background
Christmas card in pink with Tilda
Bebe, Made, Frame, Decor, Blog, Home Decor
BEBE NIÑA - Dayka Trade
a paper card with an image of a penguin in the sky and stars on it
Wheel card
Made In Borgo: Wheel card
a card with an igloose and penguin on it, next to two penguins
Interactive Pinguin Card
Made In Borgo: Interactive Pinguin Card
three paper plates with pictures of deers on them
ATC COINS: simpatiche renne
Made In Borgo: ATC COINS: simpatiche renne
three halloween cards with pumpkins and ghostes on them, hanging from a wall
A.T.C. serie [61]: It's a spooky night!
four coasters with flowers painted on them sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
A.T.C. Coins Flowers
Made In Borgo: A.T.C. Coins Flowers
some crafting supplies are sitting on top of a white surface, including paint and glue
Memory Dex Card
Made In Borgo: Memory Dex Card
an art piece made out of colored paper and string with flowers on it, sitting on a table
Memory Dex Card - Tema Fiori
Made In Borgo: Memory Dex Card - Tema Fiori
an altered book with a deer on it
Midori Cosmos
Made In Borgo: Midori Cosmos