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For the teeny tiny bathroom. Good for phones (of guests) or air-freshener or even a few small decor items. Not books though.yuck, I can't abide by the thought that people on a toilet performing excretory acts are handling books.

Trots op dit, door ons ontworpen en gemaakte, badkamermeubel. Staal, betonstuc…

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This an another eg of a more rustic wash stand.easier to do in distressed/bleached out grey wood as we've now taken out the fake wood effect tile in master

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Change the look of your bathroom into small modern bathrooms that's inviting and useful. The small modern bathrooms are great place of tranquility benefiting from the affordable luxury options available in today's market.

Ceramica Cielo Builds on the Success of its Shui Bath Series with the Introduction of Shui Comfort

Ceramica Cielo Builds on the Success of its Shui Bath Series with the Introduction of Shui Comfort

Ceramica Cielo Builds on the Success of its Shui Bath Series Wall hung toilet and bidet with the Introduction of Shui Comfort

Nuovo mobile da bagno sospeso con cassettone costruito interamente in legno massello nel colore simile alla foto. Zona bagno firmata Xlab, arreda con gusto e con stile ogni tipo di ambiente bagno le caratteristiche principali sono l'utilizzo del legno massello, cosa ormai rara nei mobili da bagno, che vengono protetti direttamente con il brevetto di i Xlab per l'idrorepellenza del materiale.

Mobile da bagno con cassetti in legno massello L150 P45 H60 cm

Horizontal (really like the) various sizes gray tile. Like the matte finish. "These are marble. We carry them at our showroom at Import Tile Center. They come in 12x24, 6x24, 3x24 and small cut stones. " from Best Builders Ltd. via Houzz.

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In a home short on storage, builder Todd Best worked hard to provide his client with plenty of cabinet space. This custom sliding storage unit was built into an area of the master bathroom that is normally wasted space.

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Mobile piano lavabo in legno di castagno massello, in questa foto finitura CASTAGNO naturale con trattamento protettivo antiumidità. Piano top spessore 6cm e gambe laterali da 6 cm, completamente in legno massello di castagno stagionato, dotato di cassetti con struttura in multistrato e frontale sempre in castagno massello. Un desgin semplice ma che mette in risalto tutta la naturale bellezza del

Mobile da bagno minimal design italiano legno massello di castagno

piatti doccia: 00 ANTONIO LUPI - arredamento e accessori da bagno - wc, arredamento, corian, ceramica, mosaico, mobili, bagno, camini, cromo...

Antonio Lupi - shower tray - 2010 - 00 - Nevio Tellatin - Corian - x max.