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Cabin built for $500 with re-purposed windows in the mountains of West Virginia (unsure how practical, but hey, it looks awesome)

Charming Cabin Built for $500 with Repurposed Windows

old windows ~ cabin from reclaimed windows.Ok,this wins for the most creative use of reclaimed windows!

Wood Plank Desk in Front of Window with View of Ocean #writer'sdesk

Wood Plank Desk in Front of Window with View of Ocean # writers desk heaven

Méchant Studio Blog: studio-loft [ ] #office #wainscoting #design


Books on the floor & space of this room, light, and this window are magnificent!

This pin makes me feel a warm, comforting, grounded feeling. It's perfect for a country setting. I really love this pin.

Aug 13 Deep Cove Solitude

I like to imagine this little spot in a garden house. Somewhere to clean and prepare vegetables from the garden/store goods/etc. It must have the sweet ivy window.

Make time for reading | Reading nook with an ocean breeze. Perfect. #readingnook #wishfulthinking

Tips for Making More Time to Read

Reading nook with an ocean view.I love areas that are there own space though only thing i would change is possibly using a lighter grain of wood, oak for the window but otherwise so into it.

I love how the tree has grown up following the outline of the windows. I bet when it full bloom it is charming. Love the shutters, too.

Photo by Wil van der Velde - Number 24 - A tree grows close to the wall between the windows up above.

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