The story of her.

This is the story of Anna, a contract killer and the shadowy world she inhabits. Mood board for film I'm working on.
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the view through a scope at a snowy field with trees in the distance and snow covered ground
Love, Badass Aesthetic, Sniper Aesthetic, Mafia, Fotos, Wattpad, Black Aesthetic, Character Aesthetic, Character
[13] A Man with Knife || Minsung
the view through a magnifying glass shows a silhouette of a man wearing a suit
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two cars parked in front of a building on a street at night with the word cine lit up
ANTELOPE | Bijoux Intemporels en Argent Sterling .925
ANTELOPE | Moodboard | 'On The Road' collection | Sterling Silver .925 jewelry | Handmade jewellery making
a black and white photo of the marquee sign for something to see here
Amazon | Deals
burada görecek birşey yok. #dark #black #tumblr #aesthetic #art
a man standing in front of a window with his hands on his hips
3 Persevering Hacks: Garden Landscaping Ideas Mulches rose garden landscaping plants.Garden Landscaping Architecture Tuin low maintenance garden landscaping ornamental grasses.Garden Landscaping Ideas Cheap..
Motorcycles and Girls Motorcycles, Drake, Black Canary, Biker Aesthetic, Biker, Biker Girl, Motos, Autos, Moto
L'Arche de Noway Pictures
Motorcycles and Girls
black and white photograph of woman with leather gloves on her head, closeup shot
Dakota Johnson for Marie Claire by Txema Yeste
#DakotaJohnson for #MarieClaire March 2016 edition by #TxemaYeste!
a spiral staircase with light coming from the top and below it in black and white
30 Mind-Blowing Black and White Photography examples - part 2
Black and white photography.
the shadow of a man in a hat is cast on a cobblestone street
5 Film Noir Photography Tips
HowStuffWorks 5 Film Noir Photography Tips
a woman wearing pearls talking on a cell phone
Moody hollywood glam holiday party inspiration
a man wearing a hat and coat standing in the dark with a car behind him
Whitey Bulger - The Biggest Rat
film noir
a man sitting at a piano in front of a bright beam of light on a stage
Amazing video: Cool Blue Note jazz record covers recreated, animated.
(Here’s a repost of a favorite video – a recreation of some great Blue Note album covers, from August, 2010.) What a cool idea: take some classic Blue Note album covers from the 1960&#8…
a woman is holding a knife and looking in the mirror
Dulce secreto el que guardaban sus labios.
Dulce secreto el que guardaban sus labios. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!