Kiwi-Apple marmalade Recipe

Perfect for breakfast or for a old style afternoon snack, or why not in a delicious italian Crostata. Definitely the greatest Kiwi & Apples marmalade ever!

Happy Planner review   free Printable Stickers

First of all i would like to spend some words about the size of this planner, let's say that i am divide at half between positive and negative.

Burgers’ Zoo, an unforgettable paradise on earth

Burgers' Zoo have been able to create such an amazing place, for their animals but also for their human guests, that for a while permit you.

Free printable Shopping List

Free printable Shopping List for planner addicts and Mums

Travel with Me: <br> On the Road to Osnabrück, Germany

Travel with Me: On the Road to Osnabrück, Germany

Masala Chai Recipe <br> Wonderful shades of India

Everyone of us have a story to tell, everyone of us is a mix of different etnies and cultures, and that what’s make us so special and original.

DIY: How to create a glamorous Jewelry Holder

A common situation we all girls have is that we have a lot of bracelets, necklaces, rings and other accessories, and like me you never know exactly where to put it, laying it alway…

Travel with me: Hamburg, through nature

Travel with me: Hamburg, through nature & city

Orient Fest in Bologna: a full immersion in the asian culture

“Orient” is the word. This time i will show you many lands far miles away from Europe, staying in front of your com…

Franche Comté: a land of mountains and tasty food

Hi Kiwis, after a little break due of my short travel in Germany for the Ragnarök Festival, i finally find the time for tell you about a multiple-times travel i did in Franche Comt&eacu…

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