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Parco Nazionale del Circeo #Sabaudia #Latina #Lazio #Italia #Natura

Parco Nazionale del Circeo #Sabaudia #Latina #Lazio #Italia #Natura

Oil mixing with chemical dispersants

Oil Dispersants Lingered in Deep Ocean, Scientists Say

Waste: Disposable cutlery and other rubbish trapped in seaweed. It is thought it was washed into the sea from nearby Guatemala, carried on rivers swollen by the recent rainy season

Shocking images have captured a Caribbean island’s clear blue seas being choked by a tide of plastic rubbish. Taken off the Honduran island of Roatan, the pictures show plastic cutlery, bags, bottles and wrapping floating among seaweed.

Eco-Tourism, the Sustainable Way to Travel in 2018

The US president was in Honolulu on Wednesday to tell an audience of Pacific island leaders that ‘No nation … is immune from a changing climate’

#Landart by Alejandro Duran Rubbish #Masterpiece Amazing World #Decadence #upcycling #toothbrush Brotes (Shoots), 2014

For his project “Washed Up: Transforming a Trashed Landscape” artist Alejandro Duran addresses “the issue of plastic pollution making its way across the ocean and onto .