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karma quotes Maturity is when you have the power to destroy someone who did you wrong but you just breathe, walk away and let karma deal with them.

Be careful with what you do with your life and how you allow people to treat you.

Enjoy the little things in life because one day you'll look back and realize how great they were.

Who fails to bring light, please at least do shadow

Non diventare come chi ti ha ferito

karma quotes Remember, what you do now will come back to you in the future. Life has a funny way of making you deal with what you make others go through.

O karma das baratas. (A Melhor Amiga da Barbie)

Hahahaha you're right karma will finish YOU for all the crap you've done you'll get the same, and I'll be watching karma in full glorious splendor

Digital Karma Wall Decal

Karma isn't a bitch; it's a mirror. #YH4M #meditation