BIG’s residential towers in the Yongsan International Business District,Seoul, Korea

The Cross Towers constitute a three-dimensional urban community of interlocking horizontal and vertical towers. The residential towers are located in the Yongsan International Business District in Seoul, South Korea.

Caixa Forum by Herzog & De Meuron

caixa forum - herzog & de meuron - Madrid The CaixaForum arts centre, which opened earlier this year in Madrid, Spain, incorporates walls from a power station that previously occupied the site. It includes galleries, administrative offices and a restauran

Beach House I-5 / Vértice Arquitectos

Beach House I-5 / Vértice Arquitectos

Casa Playa Las Lomas was designed by Vértice Arquitectos in Cerro Azul, Peru. "This house was designed in the first row, plot 5 in Lomas del Mar

Moon above the Acropolis

Blue moon above the ancient Acropolis hill in Athens. A blue moon happens when two full moons occur in the same month, and it’s rare – hence the phrase “once in a blue moon.” This lunar feat won't happen again until July

Guggenheim NY

Solomon R Guggenheim museum - Frank Lloyd Wright. What a great building! Wished I lived in NYC, then I could go visit!

Solomon R. Guggenheim

Plan a unique and unforgettable museum experience for your group at the Solomon R. Options include admission, guided tours, and tour or group discounts at the Wright restaurant.