Economy class in Pan Am 7477

Believe it or not, this was Economy Class seating on a Pan Am 747 in the late NOTE I sure remember those days and that is also how we use to dress when flying. Now people go in their dirty pajamas, hair not combed and even bring their pillows.

All this technology is making us antisocial

All this modern technology is making us antisocial History newspaper Australian curriculum

Steve Jobs

Heretofore Unseen Photos Of Steve Jobs Photographer Norman Seeff sent Retronaut out-takes from his shoot that produced the famous shot of Jobs in the lotus position with a Mac on his


Apple Ad, Circa 1970 Love how the wife is happily smiling in the kitchen. Oh honey, I'll never understand that computer stuff! Here, let me fix you a nice meal while you type away, doing what ever you're doing!

Bill Gates

Here are 62 incredible and historical photographs that capture some of the most the rarest moments in history that you have probably never seen before.

Apple's pre-touchscreen "iPhone"...

Original Apple iPhone 1983 - designer Hartmut Esslinger, the same guy who made the Apple IIc computer, came up with this phone/tablet prototype. More pictures of the original iPhone here.

London's first computer

64 Historical Pictures you most likely haven’t seen before. # 8 is a bit disturbing! - The first computer in England, 1950