cool LOVEtHEART - Fashion Illustration: FIGURE IN MOTION by

LOVEtHEART - Fashion Illustration: FIGURE IN MOTION

Acuarela la dorada Snitch es en formato 15x30cm, realizado sobre papel Arches, 100% algodón, de grano fino y un espesor de 300 gramos.  El tema representa la snitch dorada, que es parte del Quidditch en la serie de culto de Harry Potter escrita por J.K. Rowling  Entrega sin marco, firmado en la parte posterior.

I'm a muggle of 47 years old and j'aime harry potter 😎!Aquarelle moderne "The Golden Snitch" représentant le Vif d'or dans Harry Potter, peinture originale

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OMG Ginny's Patronus is a horse which is similiar to the stag that Harry has O_O----and harry's patronus is a stag and snapes is a doe does that mean they are soul mates?

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Another flower asked on a previous tutorial ^_^ I love to do those tutorials, really, please do not hesitate to suggest me flowers, I will do them if I . 131 - How to draw and paint Waterlily

Colour it, sew it, trace it, etc. Phoenix rising

Phoenix Lineart by ~RavenWhitefang on deviantART. This could be a gorgeous, colorful tattoo if done right.

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Step Learn How to Sketch a Rose FREE Step-by-Step Online Drawing Tutorials, Sketch, Drawing Technique free step-by-step drawing tutorial will teach you in easy-to-draw-steps how to draw "How to Sketch a Rose" online.

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