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3-weeks old baby seal rescued by Panjin Harbor Seal Protection Volunteer Association.
a close up of a bird with a very large beak and blue eyes in front of green grass
Shoebill by Patrick Weinhold / 500px
a white dog with brown spots on it's ears
Gala - Bildergalerie - Podenco Ibicenco
an owl with red eyes and white feathers
This Red-Eyed Owl Is 100% Real
a white bird sitting on top of a wooden branch
Pearl, the last albino raven discovered, was one of the rarest birds in existence - FunSubstance
a white cat sitting on top of a wooden table next to trees in the background
Serval Facts, Photos, Sounds, News and Videos
a white cat sitting on top of a lush green field
Pharaoh2 White Serval
a small white fox is looking at the camera
a white rat sitting on top of a chair
Baby dumbo rat