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©Rick Guest From the book entitled What Lies Beneath, featuring dancers from all over the world Eric Underwood, The Royal Ballet

London-based photographer Rick Guest captured the series of images, called What Lies Beneath, to show the 'determination and sacrifice' that goes into being a dancer.


dear future daughter, you will subjected to having this photo taken when you start dancing! sorry in advance, but your mom is going to be a dance teacher, and she wants this picture!

Tiler Peck, Principal dancer, New York City Ballet. Photographed by NYC Dance Project, Ken Browar and Deborah Ory

I Like It Wild And Shining...Always In The Country !...

To see the silver lining you have to look upward, if you don't look upward all you see is the dirt and muck on the ground. Look up, see the beauty in every color of the sky.