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my stuff Shameless mickey milkovich noel fisher mmedit shamelessedit whenyoutryyourbestbutyoudontsucceed

Mickeys way of using terms of endearment. <3

Ian and Mickey x Gallovich

Maybe not more that we do......

jeremy actually said it was hot stab me in the neck

Partner. Lover. Family. True love #Gallavich

Search Results for “gallavich iphone wallpaper” – Adorable Wallpapers

faun-songs: “ ssejery’s the brain im the muscle when it comes to stupid ideas ”

Fan art to a Stucky smut "Captain America is a cock slut"- Archive of our own

I would've given a metaphorical limb for this to happen.

★ yaoi / slash warning ★ Captain America Steve Rogers & Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes (yaoi/slash)Captain America:The Winter Soldier