Julio Iglesias ● Men with cats. Julio Iglesias and his ginger cat.


tout ceci est magnifique: McQueen + Kitty Cat William Claxton ~ Steve McQueen and his family cat Kitty Cat, 1963


We present you 10 amazing old photos of you favorite celebrities with cats.

randomislife: bohemea: Michael J Fox & amp; un gatto gattino C'è qualcosa di meglio?

michael j fox holding a cat celebrities-holding-cats: “ ” it’s michael j. fox holding a cat.

Freddy Mercury + cats

Why should you like Queen? Because Queen had Freddie Mercury.Freddie Mercury made beautiful music.and had lots of cats (because who doesn't love cats?Freddie Mercury, Music, and Cats.listen now

Stephen King con gatto

writersandkitties: “ Stephen King and Kitty King. That cat’s tag says “Clovis”. Stephen King named his cat after the Merovingian ruler who united the Frankish lands into a single kingdom.

gatto dello scrittore Jean Paul Sartre

Continuing this rich history of writers and cats, we're creating a book featuring today's most famous authors on the feline muse. Click About the Book for details.

Risultati immagini per matisse

Henri Matisse, a rare smile. Un musée consacré à son œuvre est inauguré au…