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the ruins of an ancient roman city
an old drawing of a building with columns and statues on the outside, surrounded by stone walls
1819 2006 Avanzi del Foro di Nerva dal volgo le Colonnacce
a blue background with the words web on it
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two girls hugging each other on the side of the road with cars in the background
an old fashion car with a woman standing next to it in front of a large building
El edificio de la Roma donde se asesinaba gente | El Universal
Texto y fotos actuales: Aura GarcíaDiseño web: Miguel Ángel Garnica Compara el antes y después deslizando la barra central (ABRIR MÁS GRANDE)
an old black and white photo of a woman with pearls in her hair wearing a beaded dress
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Chi era Lina Cavalieri, la musa di Piero Fornasetti?