Turn old books into gift bags

Old book turned into gift bags - by Craft & Creativity < <<<NOOOOOOO! That book could've been a classic! The poor book.


Gift wrapping idea - Create little bags out of leftover fabric to make these delightful little pouches for small gifts

Love this tea dispenser - see tutorial

Love this tea dispenser - see tutorial leuk voor iemand dire helemaal van de…


Party favours using little kraft pillow boxes covered with a paper doily, wrapped with some bakers twine and added a handstamped thank you tag.


Here’s a pretty thought: when you wrap the gifts for your attendants, add some touches that tie them to your décor. We’re thinking burlap ribbon, bits of pearl-edged lace, and subtle coordinating flowers.

Mini Bunny Bag

Mini Bunny Bag is a small burlap grain sack with a hand-painted bunny face, accented with a homespun ribbon. The top is split to resemble ears, and the bag comes stuffed and ready to display.

Buon lunedì a tutti! Oggi vi voglio far vedere cosa ho preparato per la Cresima di mia figlia, una grande mano me l'ha data la Silhouette. La mia idea era confezionare insieme i confetti con del sa...

~Adorable Gift Wrapping~ Decorative box with a Doily, Turquoise twine, White Ribbon (Austin art die) and a butterfly!