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two heart shaped balloons with the words bongiono on them and an image of three hearts
a heart shaped box filled with pink candies on top of a pile of candy
two cups of coffee in the shape of hearts on a green background with pink flowers and butterflies
a couple is sitting in a teacup with hearts on the table and one has his arm around the other's neck
three cats sitting on top of each other with the words in spanish above them and below it
a red and white flower with the words buangorno on it's center
two white teddy bears sitting on top of a red heart
a cute little white puppy holding a pink flower in its mouth and surrounded by flowers
Ciao Buongiorno...di Iaia'82
a woman holding a red rose in her hands with the words bonagrono
some red roses are next to a sign that says buon pomerigoo
a red rose with white baby's breath on it and the words congratulations written in spanish