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Una interessante proposta sul metodo di studio

Pietro Alviti, infografica: Il metodo di studio - contesto, metodo del pomodoro, metodo ideale

Tanti consigli pratici per il colloquio di lavoro

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In this poster, all prime numbers between 1-100 are circled and a description of what a prime number is also provided. Students could be asked to investigate this table to see if there are any patterns or trends (e.g. the average distance between prime number increasing)

Learn about Prime Numbers with this visible and informative poster. The poster is perfect for display in classrooms, school hallways and at home.

values of trigonometric functions for special angles.

sin cos tan chart Table for the 6 trigonometric functions for special angles

Instead "very"

128 Words to use instead of "Very"|Writing is hard, and writing without repeating yourself is very, very hard—but as you may have already noticed, one of the most repeated words in English is the intensifying modifier "very.