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an info sheet showing the different types of coins and their origin in ancient greek art
Dinheiro e pesos usados na Bíblia | TNM
Dinheiro e pesos usados na Bíblia | TNM
the four angels are depicted in this antique style tile wall art piece, each with an angel holding a cup
I simboli dei quattro Evangelisti
I simboli dei quattro Evangelisti
the words preadlescenti - 2011 are in white on a purple background
Preadolescenti 2010 - 2012
an open book with instructions on how to read it and what to do in spanish
Infografiche su Benedetto XVI
Le Encicliche di Benedetto XVI
the instructions for how to wear an apron
a diagram that shows the different languages used in this language, including english and spanish
1. La Bibbia
a diagram with the words in spanish and english
Riforma e Controriforma Ist. Superiore
Schema trattante l'argomento del Concilio di Trento in tutte le fasi del suo sviluppo.