Un'attività molto creativa per far fare esercizio ai vostri bambini su come allacciarsi le scarpe! Cari genitori, non rimandate l'insegnamento di questa attività! E' un modo per rendere autonomi i vostri bambini. Ricordate che l'autonomia genera intelligenza, perché il cervello è chiamato a ingegnarsi per risolvere i problemi! Impara ad imparare. ‪#‎sviluppocognitivo

DIY shoe lacing cards

Create easy DIY lacing cards to help kids learn to tie their shoe laces - this isn't a printable but instructions on how to make a shoe that looks like your child's

Giochi educativi

collect a variety of different [small]containers, separate bottle/ box etc from lid. add more items and make them more similar for older kids. nb unscrewing is really challenging

Montessori: attività di vita pratica per età http://www.babygreen.it/2016/09/montessori-attivita-di-vita-pratica-per-eta/

Age Appropriate Chores for Children - Simone Davies is a Montessori teacher and shares chores your young child can do for themselves

SALE Cat build a book activity book add on by itsthesmallthings

Felt quiet book - Toddler quiet book - Quiet book page - Toddler busy book - Busy book page - Felt busy book - Build a cat page #QB15

Build a cat add on quiet book page. children can learn head, feet, and arms. Buy more than one page and mix the pieces up. These pages are wonderful to keep children busy during church, car rides, Dr.

Busy Book  Four Pages by BiddyBeeCraft on Etsy

Busy Book - Four Pages

This is a four page Quiet Book suitable for children between one and three years old. The activities included in this book include zips, counting, colour recognition and some fun fine motor a ties as well. The cover can be changed to suit your child and c

Blog dedicato al fai da te, Riciclo creativo, BIO e tanta tanta fantasia

Blog dedicato al fai da te, Riciclo creativo, BIO e tanta tanta fantasia