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Mikasa. Attack on titan. 進撃の巨人. Shingeki no Kyojin. Атака титанов. #SNK. #AOT… Anime K, Anime Body, Anime W, Anime Pokemon, Titans Anime, 5 Anime, Sailor Venus, Anime Pictures
Mikasa. Attack on titan. 進撃の巨人. Shingeki no Kyojin. Атака титанов. #SNK. #AOT…
an image of someone's facebook page with the caption that reads, shingeki no kyn fan starter pack 50 % off
an anime character is looking at another character
the twitter post has been altered to show someone's feelings
If they're *mostly* dead then there's STILL A CHANCE!! Quick! Find Magic Max! (and that person's true love, of course.)
two girls with different facial expressions and the caption that says boys?
Shingeki no Fabulous
Yep that special age<<<Is this an Addams Family reference? 'cause if so this is my favorite thing ever.
two owls standing next to each other on top of a dirt field with a poem written in the background
Everyone has someone who isn’t quite right in the head - Funny Animal Photo
Oh gosh I'm Levi!!! XD which I don't mind lol #PrinceVegeta ( Hannah )
an open door with the caption that says,'choco - lava the grand - couturer captainhander webmails? a snaketails? a snake live there? or mario?
I laughed and cried so much at the same time
Haha Attack on Titan Mirrai Nikki Attack On Titan Season 2, Attack On Titan 2, Future Diary, Mirai Nikki, Code Geass
Haha Attack on Titan Mirrai Nikki
an article about anime characters and their meanings
"attack on titan"
two cartoon characters with caption that reads hey gully haaany guarull
Attack on Titan Meme...It's late at night and I don't know why I'm laughing so hard! XD