Luca Rajna

Luca Rajna

Weddings: photojournalism and contemporary vintage style. Lake Como, Lake Orta, Venice, Italy, Worldwide.
Luca Rajna
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Kodak Instamatic 233 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Kodak Instamatic 233 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Zeiss Ikoflex, Art Deco design, nicknamed "The Coffee Can"

Zeiss Ikoflex This beautiful camera, presented in 1934 and almost instantly nicknamed 'coffeecan', had a special mission: to beat the Rolleiflex , world's first TLR. In fact, it never doubled Rollei's success.

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Striving for images that evoke memories of favorite times, photographer Alicia Bock uses her Polaroid cameras to create lovely and lighthearted photographs. One of the more colorful members of her vintage camera collection is this rare Valiant

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Cameras of the century. Imperial Series was the dream of most American people of the This is the Imperial Six-Twenty snapshot camera, one or the first colored cameras that was made in the USA.

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Learn Some Basic Photography Tips From The Pros. Photography is becoming more common as cameras are getting cheaper and smarter. With photography, you do need to ga