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the menu for an easy meal is shown in black and white, with red lettering
Nick Bayton on Twitter
Check out this great guide on ‘Eavy Metal techniques courtesy of @concon_73. Explains all the techniques you’ll hear painters talking about brilliantly.
the instructions for how to make a warhammerer with an iron - clad turret
Vallejo fluo paint gem
the instructions for how to make an old style leather case with two different angles and sizes
the steps in how to paint an old metal cabinet door with blue and white paint
an info sheet describing how to use color
Glazing - blending with glazes vs oldschool layering
four different types of candies with the words, black primer, create a garden
instructions for how to paint blood angels armor in warhammers, with pictures and text below
Tale of Painters
a poster with different colors and shapes for the game, which includes an image of a knight
Warhammer Ogre, Ogre, Dungeons And Dragons Figurines
Ogor Mawtribe paint guides - Warhammer
the flesh paint set is shown with different colors and sizes, including oranges, browns,
Painting black skin
the color scheme for different colors and patterns in an art project, including oranges, browns
The Eavy Metal Style of Painting, or "Is Duncan Rhodes the Messiah of Mini Painting?"
a large poster with many different colors on it's sides, including blue and green
Citadel Paints - Warhammer Community