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Nice Duck Face
people are standing in front of a tall tower that has the letters'i'and'v'on it
a woman's blue eye is shown in front of an abstract background with circles and lines
Leggi di Murphy
Il senno di Poi, è una scienza Esatta!
two comics with people sitting in front of computers and one has a frog on his head
Programmatori, come sono visti dagli utenti e come vedono gli utenti.
a piece of paper hanging from the side of a stove with words written on it
Consigli utili
a sign on the side of a building stating that there is no wall cannot be found
the reflection of an american flag in water with ripples on it's surface
Toilet Paper Roll Scenes...
toilet paper rolls..
various road signs are shown in different colors
WIN! - page 49
a comic strip with two men sitting at a table and one is talking to the other
Agli amici Mac-lovers
a t - shirt with the words'i will not fix your computer'printed on it
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Simply love this one ...
the evolution of man and animals is depicted in this humorous drawing by artist mark stewart
The modern concept of Evolution