Food at La Rovaia, in Veneto

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two wine glasses sitting on top of a wooden table next to bottles of wine and an empty glass
#BarAlpino, storico locale sul retro del campanile di #Valdobbiadene,è ideale per #aperitivi!
a plate that has some pasta on it with sauce and meat in the top portion
Cucina vicentina parte seconda: i bigoli con l'arna - Ricetta Petitchef
bigoli all'arna
1h 10m
a spritz cocktail on a small white plate with several crostini with a text box: veneto food guide with website on bottom
Traditional Food Of Veneto – An Insider’s Guide To Foods You Must Try
the different types of wine glasses are shown in this graphic diagram, which shows how each glass
Your Must-Know Famous Red Wine Blends | Wine Folly
a wooden cutting board topped with granola
FREGOLOTTA dolce tipico Veneto ricetta fregolotta con mandorle
a plate of salami and bread next to a glass of wine
Ara che ben... Veneto ai loviu!!!
sliced potatoes with seasoning on them in a white dish
Chips di patate al forno
Chips di patate al forno super light ricetta senza grassi - Baked potato chips recipe
an open face sandwich with ham and herbs on a plate next to garlic bread slices
Sfoglie di pane!
il ramaiolo: Sfoglie di pane!
a pizza sitting on top of a wooden cutting board next to a knife and fork
FOCACCIA BARESE impasto con patate e lievito madre la ricetta pugliese
focaccia barese con pomodorini e olive
an omelet with ham and cheese in a pan on a table next to other food
Torta di patate in padella senza uova velocissima
Torta di patate in padella senza uova velocissima
some fruit is sitting in a plastic container with green leaves around it and walnuts on top
Fichi e gorgonzola (con noci e miele)
fichi e gorgonzola con noci e miele
strawberry shortbreads are arranged on top of each other
Crostini con brie e melograno
Due bionde in cucina: Crostini con brie e melograno
some food is laying out on a table | Save Money. Live Better
Kids will love these cute STAR SNACKS for parties, afternoon just because! Check out these other snack ideas too:
some food is stacked on top of each other and ready to be eaten by someone
FOCACCINE DI PATATE VELOCI con gorgonzola e speck morbidissime
Focaccine di patate veloci con gorgonzola e speck