Best restaurants near La Rovaia

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the 6 best restaurants in venice, italy with an image of a man preparing food
The 6 Best Restaurants in Venice from an Italian - The Roman Guy
three desserts are arranged on a plate with leaves and nuts scattered around the top
Meringa al caffè a Monfumo (Tv) Osteria della Chiesa
several spoons with different types of food on them next to some spices and seasonings
Tartare at Osteria della Chiesa in Monfumo (Tv): super!
two rusty trays with knives and spoons sitting on top of each other in front of a stone wall
Scenes From A Restaurant | Ristorante con locanda Da Gerry, Monfumo, Italy
Da Gerry Ristorante, Monfumo, Italy
an arch leading into a lush green garden
World's Top 50 Hotels 2015
loved visiting Tuscany - have not been to Asolo, Italy
many pink flowers are in large flower pots
Gold List 2012: The Platinum Circle
Hotel Villa Cipriani- Asolo, Italy