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a woman sitting in the middle of a forest
Florence Welch: ‘I wonder sometimes, did I dream too big?’
Force of nature: Florence Welch shot at William Morris’s Red House in Bexleyheath. She wears a dress and boots by Zimmermann.
a woman standing in front of a door with flowers on her head and arms outstretched
High as hope - Florence an The Machine 3/3
a painting of two people embracing each other
a black cat sitting on top of a crescent moon next to a man's face
It's an Art Inspo Blog
It's an Art Inspo Blog
a drawing of a person standing in the middle of a field with flowers on it
Onet – Jesteś na bieżąco
three statues are standing next to each other
TME.NET - Tech, Media & Entertainment
Spectacular recreations of some of Gustav Klimt's paintings which were taken for the 23rd Life Ball in Vienna.