Visual motor activity. Child walks on a thin colored string. uses visual and motor abilities.

(large motor skill)A fun creative way to build SO many skills (balance, kinestethia, visual motor, self-regulation).the list goes on!

Fine motor skills could be used as a game too. Stop at the next zig-zag or bend. Race the cars by answering the right question

Pre-writing activities - fine motor-strengthening: car zig-zagging but add speech/language targets along the way

Ecco come utilizzare bottiglie e pon pon per imparare a contare e sviluppare contemporaneamente la motricità fine. Si sviluppa anche il comportamento comparativo e il comportamento di pianificazione.

Sort and Count Maths Bottles

Instead of numbers write the color word on the bottles. Sort pom-poms by color. Empty each bottle and count the pom-poms. Then record how many pom-poms were in each bottle. Add the two colors together for addition practice.

Gross motor sensory play can be easy to set up indoors. Our gross motor sensory play combines both vestibular and proprioceptive sensory input. Get moving.

Gross Motor Sensory Play Ideas for Sensory Processing Play

Coisinhas da Renata: Enfeite de Natal...

make w/ felt or paper w/ pop cycle stick, young children give them heart patterns. Older kids: allow them to create their own staggered size hearts. Decorate 1 or 2 sides; don't forget to have kids sign/date

Cute little Christmas tree

Original link is gone. Cute smiling Christmas tree would make a great fused applique Christmas fabric postcard

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