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French Armée de l'Air Republic F-84F Thunderstreaks of 1/9 Limousin at Solenzara, Corsica.

French Armée de l'Air Republic "Thunderstreaks" of Limousin at Solenzara, Corsica.

Ressence Type 3

This watch has a highly sophisticated fluid-filled watch architecture. It all comes together to create an unconventional watch that provides a little optical trickery to make it look as if the dial is sitting right right on top of t

RessenceType 5 Oil-Filled Dive Watch - by Ariel Adams - on "One of my favorite modern mechanical watchmakers Ressence today debuts their first dive watch with the Ressence Type 5. Based in Belgium and started by the truly passionate and innovative Benoit Mintiens, the Ressence concept is about creating an ultra-chic timepiece case filled with oil to create the illusion that it is one solid dial with almost invisible connections between the parts..."

The Ressence Type 5 Oil-Filled Dive Watch takes the brand's innovative styling and build into the ocean.