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G-Dog: Robotic dog for a robotic future and now

Avant garde, going on future of textiles? ...  10 Eco-Fashion Garments Inspired by Nature and Biomimicry

GRAPHIC : Speedo’s Fastskin FSII swimsuit mimics the texture of sharkskin to improve the speed of its wearer.

Drone Glider Tests When It’s Safe to Fly by a Volcano

To keep planes in the air after a volcano erupts, researchers are trying to map airspace ash with fleets of autonomous gliders that collect and geotag samples.


The drone TANK that could soon lead US troops into battle: Army bosses reveal robotank has already been tested The US Army has revealed it has been testing the vehicle, known as Ripsaw. The 'drone tank' is controlled remotely, and can reload itself and

Uno dei due super-droni utilizzati per le ricerce in mare

Uno dei due super-droni utilizzati per le ricerce in mare

MIT Robotic Cheetah - YouTube

Watch it run! MIT's new robotic cheetah can even leap over hurdles - LA Times MIT cheetah robot MIT researchers have come up with a cheetah robot that can run 10 miles per hour and jump over foot-high obstacles, scientists say.

"Spot" Is a Smaller (More Kickable) Version of Boston Dynamic's Big Dog

This advanced robot is Spot, a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. Watch it now!