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two paintings of men with different body shapes
The Sick Rose: A Must-Read for Anyone who Loves Creepy Victorian Medical Drawings
a painting with many different types of things in the sky and on top of it
Dante's Inferno - Dark Wood - Gallery
an old map of the city of alexandria, with roads and major cities in red
ancient alexandria map
ancient alexandria map - Google Search
a map showing the location of europe and its major cities, with green highlighted areas
Map of Europe 1648
a map showing the location of an area with several buildings and streets, including a parking lot
a map of the country of portugal with major cities and their respective towns in green
Mappa dell'evoluzione dei domini dei Savoia
Savoy: expansion of the lands of Vittorio Amedeo II from the Congress of Vienna to the end of the Napoleonic era (1713-1814)
a statue of a man's head with braids in his hair
Ptolemy I Soter, king of Egypt. Paris, Louvre Museum
three men dressed in medieval clothing standing next to each other, one holding a spear
byzantine emperor Basil II with his bodyguard.
Byzantine Emperor Basileios II (r. 976-1025). In his half-century reign, he defeated the Fatimids and conquered Bulgaria.