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a poster with the names of different types of items in pink and white on it
Lasse Fyhring
Lasse Fyhring
a poster with the words kieller voche in different colors and shapes on it
Dark Side of Typography
Какая-никакая, а тень
the words are written in different colors and sizes on a black background with an orange border
No. 64: A Swiss Style Color Picker, Paula Scher’s Public Theater Identity + More
a pink poster with black lettering that says, cenespass toutrose
muchwow // graphics
a poster with different types of art on it
GD:NIP #1: Experimental Jetset posters: Statement and Counter-Statement
experimental jetset
three posters with different colors and shapes on them, one is pink, the other is blue
Paul Voggenreiter | KOOP.STADT
a hand in yellow gloves is holding a blue book with the words don't worry its safe to double tap this poster it has been disinfected
91887472_1103883796613838_208084637069236669_n.jpg? |
two black and white oval stickers with the words hipusht on them against a blue background
Graphics thisisgrey likes
a poster with different type of typograms on it's sides, including words and numbers
grain editBráulio Amado
a poster with the words, one rubbishes to find comrades and four other things
Sandberg Instituut
an advertisement for the book launch event in front of a building with trees and plants
Graphics thisisgrey likes
a poster with the words what does it mean to pay attention? in blue and green
تغريدة / Twitter
four posters with different shapes and sizes
Luzerner Theater