Harvey Esparcia

This is a clever logo which uses negative space to give dimension to the letters. The H is hard to see at first and forces the observer to look at it for a while until it appears. The use of shadows and tone makes it look professional

Ed's Electric

Ed's Electric designed by Siah-Design This is brilliant use of negative space and conceptual idea. You see the E right away, and also the electric plug and socket are clear. Very clever logo!

Elephant Combs

Elephant Combs logo, by TBWA

Elephant Combs logo designed by TBWA/India for MKV Household Products. (via Logo Design Love)


this logo is extremely minimalist but gets the point across very well. The I in time is transformed into the shape of an analog clock. because the logo is a simple black of white, it gives the onlooker a very simple futuristic feel.

How the Adidas logo earned its stripes

How the Adidas logo earned its stripes


50 Excellent Text Oriented Logo Designs

I'm having a little trouble resolving in my mind the relation between the text, 'HARP', and the image of a safety pin. And although I do still like the use of the pin as an 'A' in the design, overall I do not find the logo very memorable.

Native Designers Logo

Witty use of the penic. Easy to regonize catchy and soft, Perfect color choice or background also. Next complements the welcoming logo