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Athena (so-called “Athena Farnese”). Marble. Roman copy of a Greek original ca. 430 BCE (circle of Phidias). Inv. No. 6024. Naples, National Archaeological Museum

Athena (so-called “Athena Farnese”). Roman copy of a Greek original ca. 430 BCE (circle of Phidias).

sculpture of Athena Parthenos, so called "Athena Varvakeion" orginal marble by Phidias, circa 450-430 BCE, from Temple of Athens, Attica

Statue known as "Athena Varvakeion". A copy of "Athena Parthenos" colossal statue by Greek sculptor Phidias. The Roman copy from the c.

Athena: goddess of WISDOM, COURAGE, INSPIRATION , civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, STRENGTH, STRATEGY, the arts, crafts, and SKILL.  Shrewd companion of heroes and is the goddess of heroic endeavor.

Great role model of strength, intelligence and wisdom. She is Athena in Greece, and Minerva in Rome. Powerful guide and inspiration!

Eos in Greek mythology was the dawn goddess, tasked with bring the first light to the day. This dawn goddess was a daughter of Hyperion, and also brother to the Greek sun god Helios.

Female character illustration 女孩的艺术 Saule, the Baltic Goddess of the Sun who determines the well-being and regeneration of all life on earth. She also represents the eclipse of the sun.