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two people sitting at a table with a laptop
Lisa Aisato
an image of a cartoon character on the letter f
Privacy. Today’s cartoon by Dino:
a man sitting in a chair holding a remote control
65 Satirical Illustrations Show Our Addiction To Technology
Art is often a mirror, reflecting the social issues and problems of the day. With the rise of ubiquitous Internet, smart phones, and other Internet enabled devices, being online all the time is not only possible, it's the de facto state for many. This list of satirical illustrations highlight some of the biggest problems with technology addiction. Which one has the strongest message? Vote on your favorite, or if we've missed an image that you think should be in this list, upload it below!
a drawing of a man with an apple phone strapped to his face
Tweet / Twitter
Persian Rose on Twitter: "The iPhone X 3D facial recognition:"
a computer mouse sitting on top of a sandy ground next to a hand holding a wrench
L'arte satirica di Pawel Kuczynski: illustrazioni reali di un mondo surreale.
Galleria di disegni artistici del Re della satira, Pawel Kuczynski. Metafore visive che fanno riflettere sulle contraddizioni dell'essere umano.
a drawing of a red box with a toothbrush sticking out of it
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Se il libro è di qualità, vince lui di certo!
a woman sitting on a bench next to a man with an umbrella
Cómo retratar el amor y otras mentiras: Entrevista con Ángel Boligán
Cómo retratar el amor y otras mentiras: Entrevista con Ángel Boligán