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A Mooshroom Island seed for Minecraft PE: MEANPOOF

A Mushroom/Mooshroom Island seed for Minecraft Pocket Edition. You spawn upon mycelium, giant mushrooms and among old and baby mooshrooms!

Minecraft PE seed : 1405190109 - Triple Sand Village - http://minecraftpedownload.com/1405190109-triple-sand-village/

Spawn at the a triple sang village. If you don& look careful you will see this triple village look like a large village. Some houses in this triple village is glitched it make them has been generated on top of each another look like a duplex house.

Swampside Village Seed for Minecraft:brobro

Spawn by a swampside village that has a nice stash of iron in the blacksmith's chest (ingots, a sword and a pick). For Minecraft PC/Mac.

Minecraft PE Mountain Village Seed: poof

A Minecraft PE village seed where the village is embedded in a mountain (extreme hill). Found on Minecraft PE - an infinite seed.

Minecraft World Art Print by mattchinworth | Society6

Minecraft World Art Print by mattchinworth & ! This reminds me of a minigame I used to play! But I must say, Minecraft is, in fact, much better!