Paint water color over crayon outlines ::  Creativity with crayons! various method to use crayons for artwork. ( )

Crayon relief // Paint water color over crayon outlines // Creativity with crayons! various methods to use crayons for artwork // diy art // art crafts for kids

Ecco il link con il tutorial per realizzare dei romantici cupcake toppers. Vi aspetto nel blog!

Come fare degli originali topper per cupcakes - Tutorial - La Figuina

Beautiful Party Favors

Pre-cut pieces and simple instructions make it easy to craft these adorable tissue paper flower favor boxes. Fill them with treats or small mementos of your event. Kit makes 8 tissue paper flower favor boxes . Each box measures W x D X H x x


25 fantastiche idee di Decorazioni a basso costo per tutte le occasioni


Use and old book to Make a fluttering butterfly collage or decorate a special gift with a creative flair !

Μπομπονιέρα στεφανάκι με ποδηλατάκι

Μπομπονιέρα στεφανάκι με ποδηλατάκι

P α p e r . C r α f t s

TOILET PAPER ROLLS ♥ ♥ Stipje: recycling and so cute - made from empty toilet paper roll. They appear to be bookmarks placed inside flattened toilet paper rolls decorated for the packaging. Really cute and a good, recycling idea!

How-To: the perfect DIY gift-wrapping ideas for your Global Mamas fair trade finds! Your handmade wrapping + handmade batik and beaded products by women in Ghana make the perfect holiday pair. Shop now:

Perfect Gift Wrap & Accessories!

The "Perfect Gift Wrap" butcher wrapping paper accented with accessories, so much cheaper than having multiple rolls of gift wrap & easy to personalize