Classic Sawhorse Ive found a sturdy sawhorse thats great even if you have limited space. When Im done working with them I just stack them on top of each other and store them out of the way. Heres all it takes to build one horse: One 26 fo

Wattle Scherma: A buon mercato Materiale fai da te per i moderni spazi esterni | Apartment Therapy:

Legnetti; 19 idee per separare e creare dei meravigliosi...

A branch screen. remember idea: branch screens, built in planter boxes on rolling casters. Creates a moveable screen, with independent ivy growth-bonus boints for creating hinged, double screen frames that will collapse for moving or customizable sizes

Rastrelliere bici strane e divertenti - Creative and funny bicycle racks 02 - legno wood

14 rastrelliere per bici così creative da lasciarti a bocca aperta

Repurpose a fallen tree into a bike stand - brilliant idea! We have bikes, we have a felled tree trunk still lying in the garden, we have a new bike rack!

Un altro modo per creare la parete di legno per schermare il serbatoio dell'olio. E o mescolare con la selce per creare un'ape gigante 'Hotel':

Rock Garden: 13 idee per abbellire il vostro giardino con delle pietre

Gavión de Grava de Piedra Molida Some innovative ideas on display at Appeltern Gardens, such as this hardware cloth metal mesh gabion-like fence, or perhaps it's a wall, partially filled with trap rock.


Easy cheap DIY bike rack, could double stack 2 bikes with high ceiling. good if no storage, no garage, and don't want to leave bike outside.