artist - dog creates the negative space to make it look like an N. very nice

FIAT: Dog "You either see the letter or the bus. Don’t text and drive." Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Tailor Made

Day #5-design that is strikingly beautifully. I have an obsession with clever "twofer" logos.

Fun with typography

763. Negative Space Logos. #design

30 Clever Examples of Negative Space Logos

Negative space, simplicity, and visual balance are used very well in this poster.

Really unique typography. I like that it takes a second to figure out what it says, but once you see it it's so cool!

Clever use of negative space #design

Creative Black and White Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Poster by Kaushik Design Melbourne, Australia.

Interesting Logo: I like this logo because it is very simple yet looks appealing and is representative of the topic. It works because there is proper use of negative space and even positive space. The plugs on their own look like an E and D if turned around. #clever #logo #negativespace

Ed's Electric designed by Siah-Design This is brilliant use of negative space and conceptual idea. You see the E right away, and also the electric plug and socket are clear. Very clever logo!

A New Collection of Highly Clever Logo Designs-30 Inspiring Examples

logos A New Collection of Highly Clever Logo Designs 30 Inspiring Examples farshidramezani

logo / Negative space

Great 'White Space' - Notice how some lettering appears in negative space, but not all of it. When you look a second time, some of those letters suddenly reverse into positive space.

Harvey Esparcia | #selfbranding negative space #logo #design

This is a clever logo which uses negative space to give dimension to the letters. The H is hard to see at first and forces the observer to look at it for a while until it appears. The use of shadows and tone makes it look professional

This is designed negative space. | FIAT psa

fiatgirlaotw 20 Mind Provoking and Creative Ads / girl and a ballon / type / poster / design / layout / black and white / grid / ad /

Negative space - I love the idea of this and the creativity it inspires #photography

Great display of Gestalt's principles having two images of a hand and what looks to be the bottom part of a lightbulb. The dominating figure is the hand. But with closer inspection, you can see a lightbulb being formed.

Nice negative space

Michael Vanderbyl I love this Positive Negative space interplay, and the strong graphic contrast of value. Yet, the image is warm and inviting! Check out the website for