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a bowl with flowers painted on it sitting on a white tableclothed surface next to a wall
Red spider lilies? Love it!
an orange and black vase with a man on it's side holding a tennis racquet
Scenes of Ovid's love stories in art
an old vase with some paintings on it
an ancient greek vase depicting two men fighting
Penthesilea (Πενθεσιλεια means "mourned by the people") was an Amazon queen who led her troops to Troy in support of King Priamos during the Trojan War. She herself fell by the hand of Achilles, who mourned over the dying queen on account of her beauty, youth, and valour. When the hero lifted her helm he fell in love and agreed to return her body unharmed to the Trojans for proper burial.
an orange and black greek vase with a woman in a bathtub on it's side
Euergides Painter (BCE), Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge 37.15 (500 BCE; excavated at Vulci, Etruria, Italy). Red-figure cup. Tondo.
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a vase with an artistic design on it
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an ancient vase is on display in a museum
The Atalanta Lekythos, 3
an old vase with decorative designs on it
an antique vase with ornate designs on the top and bottom, sitting on a pedestal
an old vase with designs on it sitting on a table next to a white surface
The Monstrous Hydra.
https://flic.kr/p/2kM5kL5 | The Monstrous Hydra. | A youth, right knee bent to the ground and left leg stepping forward, faces a monstrous aquatic snake (hydra); he holds, with the left hand in front of him, a large dog by a hind leg, with the right hand, hidden behind him, a small dog by the neck. He has short, curly hair and wears, attached to his left shoulder, a short, chiton with incised crosses. Opposite him there is a monster with 12 bearded snake heads and a red and white spotted body. O
an antique vase with birds painted on it
Entrez dans la danse... - A la recherche des Etrusques...
an old vase with designs on it sitting on a wooden stand in front of a gray background
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an image of two vases with designs on them
The palace of Minos : a comparative account of the successive stages of the early Cretan civilization as illustrated by the discoveries at Knossos : Evans, Arthur, Sir, 1851-1941 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive