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a man with glasses on singing into a microphone
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Queen recorded a faster version of 'We Will Rock You' in the 70s and it's awesome.
a black and white photo of a woman sitting on top of a chair with the words be yourself
Freddie Mercury
the dvd cover for queen live at wembley stadium, featuring an image of a baseball player
The Mod Rockers
Freddie Mercury
a man in red pants and a white shirt is holding a microphone while wearing a cowboy hat
Freddie Mercury
a black and white photo of a man's face with a moustache
Freddie Mercury
a man playing an electric guitar on stage
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Brian May
a man with curly hair is playing an electric guitar on top of a building balcony
Brian May
an old photo of a man in yellow jacket and white pants walking on the grass
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five people standing in front of a cityscape with their mouths open and eyes closed
Freddie Mercury & Queen
those pants....
the rolling stones performing on stage in front of drummer and guitarist, with their legs spread out