John Paul George & Ringo (and George, Yoko, Linda, Brian, Patti and Pete)

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the beatles pose for a portrait in black and white
The Beatles
a group of people sitting around each other in a room with balloons and streamers
The Beatles at Abbey Road Studios for the 'Our World' live televison broadcast, London, Britain in 1967 photo by David Maguns
two people sitting at a table with guitars in front of them and pictures on the wall behind them
George Harrison & Eric Clapton.
a man standing in front of a microphone on top of a stage with his hands up
Paul plays at conducter. Orchestral overdubs on A Day in the Life". Sgt Pepper, 1967
a black and white photo of a man singing into a microphone while playing the guitar
The Beatles
John Lennon
the beatles posing for a black and white photo
The Beatles, 1968
two young men sitting next to each other
The Swinging Sixties
John Lennon and George Harrison
the beatles sing into microphones in an old black and white photo
The Beatles with Brian Epstein
the beatles performing on stage with their guitars and drums in front of them, one man is
Paul McCartney
a man sitting down playing an electric guitar
1969 | Tumblr
John Lennon’s lap steel guitar solo for George’s ”For You Blue” Let It Be sessions, January 25, 1969
two men standing next to each other in front of a wall
John, 1963
the beatles are posing for a photo together
guy birenbaum on Twitter
the Beatles
two men sitting at a table playing music
☆ Beatles ☆ 1966