▶ Welcome To The Future | Epad | E4

Welcome To The Future

▶ The E4 Party Trail

Another funny promotion for this time with an election theme. As usual featuring Peter Dickson, aka Voiceover Man.

▶ E4 | Flashmobbed

▶ E4 | Flashmobbed

Neil Gorringe - "Continuity"

Neil Gorringe - "Continuity"

▶ The Sopranos Spoof E4

Spoof of The Sopranos opening titles on uk tv channel

▶ E4 Airways Trail

shows us the new shows for the start of in their usual comedic fashion, this time as Airways. Features Peter Dickson as Voiceover Man and include.

▶ E4 Plus One Promo Patrick Allen

It's the legendary Patrick Allen as the voiceover on this promo for the timeshift channel. But I It's the legendary Patrick.

▶ E4 Loans

We've all seen the ads, numerous loan companies promising us a debt free life by some aligator eyed person on what can be called a shoddy ad.

▶ E4 "Shopping Channel" Promos

"Shopping Channel" promos, advertising their 'No Brainer' shows, including The Simple Life and Age of Love.

▶ E4 'The Lady Kit' Promo (Girls Night In)

▶ E4 'The Lady Kit' Promo (Girls Night In)

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