Livia Porqueddu

Livia Porqueddu

Livia Porqueddu
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Willow An American fantasy film dir. by Ron Howard (Cocoon, Grinch, Far and Away, The DaVinci Code), prod. and story by George Lucas.

THE BEST OFFER, "La migliore offerta" (original title) - A 2013 Italian romantic mystery film about a master auctioneer who becomes obsessed with a reclusive heiress who collects fine art.

Il principe delle maree

Il principe delle maree - Pat Conroy - Libro - Bompiani - I grandi tascabili

Salto nel buio.

A description of tropes appearing in Innerspace. A 1987 sci-fi comedy starring Dennis Quaid, Martin Short, and Meg Ryan. Rather surprisingly not the huge hit …

Total solar eclipse. The atmospheric effects resemble an iris surrounding a very dilated pupil.

(Reminds me of an eye!) "The sun's outermost region, called the corona, shines like a halo around the moon during a total solar eclipse. Such eclipses occur when a new moon passes in front of the sun.

Earth from Apollo 11

The crew saw the Earth reduced to a mere astronomical body against the blackness of space. The CSM flew "backwards" towards the Moon, so the astronauts could not see their destination until their craft entered lunar orbit.