How to get rid of cellulite - a DIY cellulite busting scrub ..1/2 café grinds, 1/4 sugar/ 1/4 olive oil. rub into affected area daily for 5 minutes and rinse

Scrub :: cup coffee grounds cup sugar cup olive oil instructions: mix together and then rub in circular motion for 5 minutes on the cellulite area of the body. Lastly rinse off with warm water and dry

Stretch marks, wrinkles, blemishes and burns are common problems among people nowadays, especially women. They buy many different creams and try numerous treatments that can be extremely expensive only to help themselves, but they don’t work.


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Quando ho iniziato mesi fa a curare di più il mio corpo, a fare più sport e…

Scarica: Le proprietà dei Semi di lino

Semi di Lino: proprietà e benefici, controindicazioni e come assumerli

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I 10 cibi che migliorano l'umore - Ricetta

I 10 cibi che migliorano l'umore - Ricetta