Gingerella organic ginger / From Siri Lanka. I Found This Bottle 4 you JoAnn Hines  :) Thaby K  #packaging #ginger PD

This ginger ales sassy mouth comes from a rather frisky blend of Fairtrade organic ginger, lemon, vanilla, sugar and spice.


Concept Redesign: Grown Up Soda

Ginger Joe beer mxm

Join our ginger moe competition and win some Ginger Joe! Do you or someone you know have a mega ginger moe Then they could win a case of Ginger Joe refreshingly feisty ginger beer at Redhead Day UK on the of juke.

:) love pigs & pale ales.. Back Forty Beer Co.

Naked Pig Pale Ale ~ EXTREMELY well balanced between some malt taste, citrus and piney hops, and a nice bitterness on the back-end.

1950s Diner Style Logo Design - csp14991328

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Artist Unknown  Brassi, 1950

Artist Unknown Brassi, 1950 (OK, probably a waiter but I am claiming him as one of my bellmen delivering a bottle of whatever this is to my suite - RSC

Really like the design on this cap, has a fun vintage feel to it. The colors also compliment the theme, creating a cold winter atmosphere. The type also fits the vintage feel it has, it’s beautifully executed. I would probably keep the cap if I drank the soda. Designer - Gail Anderson

Really like the design on this cap, has a fun vintage feel to it.