DIY Pebble Hangers for whatever the hell you want, or just decoration. Either way it looks awesome. For heavier objects,  or a more secure hold use command strips, or earthquake tape. Tried&Tested

DIY pebble hangers for jewelry

DIY Pebble Hangers for Jewelry. So cute and simple., Best DIY Projects, DIY Pebble Hangers for Jewelry. So cute and simple.

Garden Rock arranging~ it would be cute to put family member's names on each one. (Or all your grandkids names!)

DIY Rock Footprints… How cute are these? I'm going to add these around my gnome tree door on some stepping stones, and in my rock gardens on the ground cover.

Craftberry Bush: Cactus made of painted rocks - a children's craft

put something together like this for CGS for Lent. DIY Painted Cactus DIY Rock Craft For Kids

These would be so cute in the front flower bed or around the kids play area outside

Next time we hit The Frio River this will be my kids' rock shape scavenger hunt project. It's usually to find a heart or fruit shaped rock but this idea is so cute!

Pebble Art of NS by Sharon Nowlan by PebbleArt on Etsy

Pebble Art of Nova Scotia by Sharon Nowlan by PebbleArt on Etsy I would like this silhouette art on the corner of the wall in a bedroom hallway - near the children's rooms.